Hi, I'm Jonas1, a software engineer at GuardSquare, where I work on LLVM-based
obfuscation software for iOS applications.

I studied computer science at the University of Leuven and obtained my Master's degree in 2015. During the summer months I worked at Materialise, a 3D printing company, where I also did an internship.

After graduating I joined Amadeus, one of Europe's largest software providers in the travel industry. As a consultant I worked on developing services for managing financial information associated with passenger name records.

Meanwhile my interest in compilers kept growing steadily, partly because I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the C++ programming language, and partly because I was fascinated by all the tooling build on top. This is what ultimately brought me to the LLVM project.

In early 2016 I was recruited by a friend to join a new team at GuardSquare. Here I had the opportunity to work with LLVM full-time and develop a product from scratch. Before the end of the year we released the initial version iXGuard.

Outside of work I continue to be involved with LLVM. As a hobby I enjoy riding motorcycles and (indoor) rowing. I'm also a reviewer for ACM Computing Reviews.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with me at jonas@devlieghere.com.

  1. Also known as JDevlieghere.

  2. The cover photo was taken while visiting the Schramsberg Vineyards in 2014.