I'm Jonas Devlieghere1, a software engineer from Belgium. I grew up in Leuven, where I also attended University. I obtained my Master's in Computer Science in 2015.

I currently work at GuardSquare as part of the team that builds iXGuard. Before, I worked at Amadeus where I was a software engineer in the reservations & financial services (RFS) team.

My main interests are programming languages (C++ in particular), system programming, and compilers. My interest in the latter was sparked by a university course about the essentials of programming languages2. Although the accompanying book talks about interpreters, I quickly wanted to understand how my favorite compiled languages worked. This lead me to LLVM and Clang, two project I stay involved in and contribute to where possible.

I'm a fervent reader, mainly of computer science related literature. Because I like to highlight and make annotations, I prefer physical books3. This has led to the accumulations of a small library. I'm also a reviewer for ACM Computing Reviews.

When I'm not sitting behind a computer, I enjoy riding my motorcycle, brewing a fresh cup of espresso or rowing on my Concept2.


Looking to get in touch with me? Don't hesitate to e-mail me at jonas@devlieghere.com for any reason. I do my best to reply to every e-mail!


You can find my résumé here.

  1. Also known as JDevlieghere on most fora, social networks and IRC.

  2. I highly recommend reading the book that formed the basis of the course: Essentials of Programming Languages, 3rd Edition.

  3. At least for text books. I have an e-reader which I enjoy very much for non-technical books.

  4. The cover photo was taken while visiting the Schramsberg Vineyards in 2014