In order to obtain our bachelor’s degree every student had to either write a paper on a given subject or participate in a more practice oriented problem-solving project. I chose the latter one and was assigned to Team Gold. The goal of the project was to program Lego NXT Robots using LeJOS so that they could autonomously participate in a game of Team Treasure Trek. Additionally, a simulator had to be developed to play the game in a virtual environment.

A general overview of the requirements, for both the physical robot and the simulator:

  • Explore and visualize an unknown maze.
  • Cross a seasaw.
  • Find and identify the treasure.
  • Communicate with a non-predefined teammate
  • Share maze-information with your teammate and navigate to eachother

A special committee was established to decide on rules and standards. Each team was represented by one of their members.

At the end of the second semester, every team had to give a demonstration and presentation on how they solved the encountered difficulties. Because most teams had some trouble with communication at the demonstration, we were allowed to show an individual movie of our robot at the presentation. The video can be seen below.


Credit goes to the entire team of course: Brecht Decoster, Brecht Gosselé, William Mauclet, Jochen Tombal

Our robot in action: